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Aug 21
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Dr. Holly Hoover
Portland area, Oregon
Phone: 503-476-7026
Setting:  Private Practice
Pretesting By:  Technician
Position Type: Independent contractor
Special Skills: Must be comfortable using EMR systems, and medical diagnostic machines such as OCT, VF, Topography. (preferred)
Foreign Languages: Spanish (preferred)
Insurance credentialing: Must be credentialed with VSP and Medicare. (required)
Other info: We are looking for a new team member to become part of our growing practice in Wilsonville! Lenza is one of the fastest growing eye care offices in Wilsonville/Tualatin. Our modern office is fully equipped with a powerful EHR system, auto-refractor/topographer, OCT, fundus camera, and visual field. We provide surgical services including cataract, YAG, and LASIK/PRK at off-site surgical centers which provides great co-management experience. Staff assist in pre-testing patients and are cross-trained in front-desk and optical. We offer 1-hour single vision glasses in our lab using our in-house lens edger and finisher. We are looking for coverage for 1.5 to 2 days per week (including 1 to 2 Saturdays per month) with potential for a full-time position in the future. We are a medically-focused practice, however we would welcome someone with specialty training in contact lenses, vision therapy, or other specialty services.
Tualatin-Wilsonville,  Portland area,  Oregon
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